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About the Canadian Real Estate Marketing Podcast

Val and Paul at Roberts Creek Waterfall on the Sunshine Coast, BC.

Each episode of the Canadian Real Estate Marketing Podcast brings you tips, tricks, and insights specifically for Canadian real estate agents. The podcast is hosted by photographer Val Labrecque and videographer Paul Poulsen, co-owners of Burnt Boat Media in Gibsons on BC’s incredible Sunshine Coast.

Burnt Boat Media provides real estate photography services for Sunshine Coast Realtors and specializes in narrated first-person video walkthrough tours.

What we do isn’t normal, typical, or traditional but it’s very effective. It’s important that we’re not simply providing a transactional service but creating positive results for our clients.

We’re marketers first and real estate photographers/videographers second. Our photos and videos exist to help Realtors get more listings and sell more real estate. Every photograph and frame of video that we provide is in support of that goal.

In life and in work, we operate with integrity and support businesses and individuals with which we’re aligned. Growth, progress, and supporting others are three of our key values and we choose to work with similarly aligned clients.

The focus of our work is primarily on Realtors and real estate but we do occasionally take on other projects.

“How do you two know each other?”

People often ask what our association is. We’re married (to each other!) and we work together. We originally thought married couples that worked side-by-side were nuts but we discovered we love it! Maybe that says a little something about us! 🤪